Elegant Living Room Accent Wall Ideas

living room accent wall

living room accent wall

Have you ever chosen a color you really loved, painted your walls, put the furniture and pictures back yet something was missing? You most likely need just a pop of color to complete the look you had in mind. An accent wall can give you that extra pizazz that might still be missing.

Finding the correct accent color can be a bit of a challenge, but the amazing results will definitely be worth the effort. The word accent means; emphasis, creates prominence, or stresses something. Those are all the things you want to do with your additional color. Typically accent colors are contrasting color, colors like yellow in a room with a lot of black and white. People often use more intense or darker colors. You can also go with lighter colors if your walls are already dark.

One easy way to find an accent color is choose a color that is one or two shades lighter or darker on the color chart from the color you painted your walls. This will give you a cohesive look and yet create a break in the wall color.

The question comes up, which wall do you want to put contrasting color on? Rule of thumb it is walls that are somewhat separate yet grabs your attention. Walls that work very well have fireplaces or beds on them, or walls that are the first seen when you enter the room. A wall that will draw attention easily and yet still fit in the room décor, a bit of a tight rope to walk.

If you are in doubt about the correct wall, as always do a sample board with the accent color. Attach it to the wall you think will make the best statement. Live with it a couple days; remember you want to see it in all kinds of light, color changes as the light changes. Is that the best wall? If not choose another wall and test that area until you find the perfect accent wall. Make sure your sample board is large enough (12″X12″ minimum) to get a good feel of how the color will look on the wall.

When you are thinking about adding an accent color start looking around the places you go in your daily life. It will amaze you how often you find contracting colors used in design. Professional buildings use this technique extensively, especially if it is a newer building. While you are looking for unique ways to use this technique, in your home, be sure to carry your camera and take pictures of what you find. Another great place to find examples is in magazines, take some time and go to the library or your local book store, look for interesting uses of accent walls by the professionals.

After you find the perfect accent wall be sure to sprinkle that new color around the room to balance it. Put it in throw pillows or pick it up in artwork, you can use candles anything that will help the eye go around the room and unify the colors. Again remember to use this color only as an accent in the rest of your room. Most importantly have fun and enjoy the process, don’t let yourself get stresses. Keep your eyes open and you will find inspiration everywhere.

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