Stunning Bar for Basement

bar for basement ideas

bar for basement ideas

A bar in your home basement can be a cool and fun way for you to get together with friends and entertain. Being the host of your very own bar party for guys (or girls) night can be rewarding and amusing. You can have some drinks, play some cards, and watch some TV or sing karaoke! There are many basement bar ideas that will help you to create your very own entertainment area.

Things to Include in Your Basement Bar Designs

There are certain items that you should include in your bar ideas for basement areas. These include:


Having a bar will be a fun, get together spot. If you plan on having multiple people over, you need to make sure you include bar stools and seating in your designs. Adding some high tables with stools can give your bar a real “bar” feel. You can also add multiple bar stools around the bar area so people can gather around the drinks.

A Television

Having a television in the bar area adds some possibilities for good times. You can watch football, sing karaoke, play video games, etc. Make sure the television is large enough to be seen by all. You don’t want everyone to be forced to huddle around a small TV to be able to see what the score is! The newer flat screen televisions that hang on the wall are not only high tech, but also a space saver. You can add a keg dispenser where your television would have been!


Having a stocked bar is a guaranteed way to get the people to flock! You should also consider snacks for your gathering area. Adding a mini fridge into your design plans may prove to be very useful and a time saver. You will eliminate the need to run upstairs every time you want a snack. Plus, you can stash away a few hidden beers just in case you run out everywhere else!


Having a place to play music is key. People like to listen to fun party music and dance. This can help break the ice for people who do not know each other while also giving a relaxed feel to the area. Surround sound is another nice addition to have. That way, the music is easily heard by all with a nice even sound quality.

The Bar Itself

If you don’t need a large bar space, purchasing a kitchen island (new or used) would be a simple way to get started! However, if you are planning to entertain a lot of people as well as make snacks, a larger counter area may be needed. Your main focus is going to be storage. Cabinet space will be extremely handy to store your glasses and other dishes you’ll need (for snack etc). Installing a sink may also be a wise choice so you don’t have to pack dirty dishes upstairs for washing.

Basement bar ideas are a great way to start planning out your very own bar. By creating your own idea and reviewing others, you are sure to come up with the perfect bar!

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