Knowing More about Interior Door Jamb Kit

interior door jamb kit

interior door jamb kit

A door jamb saw is utilised in installing hardwood, ceramic or laminated floorings. It truly is a toothed blade having a slightly protruding manage. Under would be the actions on ways to use a door jamb saw.

Step 1-Adjust the Jamb Saw Blade

Making use of a piece of your flooring material as a guide, adjust the height of the saw blade. Be sure that the upper portion from the blade is aligned to the upper portion of your flooring material that you are going to be installing.

Step 2-Adjust the Reduce Depth

Adjust the cut depth of your saw blade slightly deeper than the depth of the door jamb that you are cutting. The perfect depth adjustment for the jamb saw blade is at the least 1 mm deeper than the door jamb.

Step 3-Check for Nails

Check your cut line for nails. Set the nails deeper than your reduce by hammering the nail in employing a hammer in addition to a nail set. Ensure that that all the nails in your cut line are deeper than your cut to prevent damaging the blades of your jamb saw.

Step 4-Saw

Lay the flooring pieces along with the underlayment padding around the floor directly adjacent to the door jamb. Turn on the jamb saw and permit a couple minutes for the speed to regulate ahead of cutting. Slide the jamb saw around the floor and aim the saw blade on the left side casing of your door jamb. Reduce in a counterclockwise motion. Cut the ideal casing on the door jamb.

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