Wonderful Reupholstered Chairs Ideas

reupholstered chairs

reupholstered chairs

When a chair gets old it almost seems like a huge waste to just throw it in the garbage but yet that is what most people actually do. But it doesn’t have to be this way and in fact it shouldn’t be this way.

When a chair gets old and gets worn out the fabric tends to get old looking and faded and the colors aren’t as bright. But instead of just throwing it in the garbage, you should consider fixing it up and continuing to use it.

While it may sound like it would be difficult to do something like this yourself, it doesn’t have to be. In fact with the following steps it can actually be rather easy and even enjoyable to some extent.

reupholstery chairs diy

reupholstery chairs diy

The fact is that the chair is most likely in good condition even though it doesn’t look so great when you look at the fabric. But you should consider making an effort to fix it up and continue using it like it is a new chair.

So first you will need to gather all of the necessary materials that you will be using throughout the process. This means that you will have to get fabric, pliers, a mallet, scissors, glue, a staple gun, wool, and chalk.

So the first step is to remove all of the old fabric with the pliers and keep it around for reference as to sizes and other types of measures. Then use the old fabric to measure the size that you need for the new one.

before and after reupholstered chairs

before and after reupholstered chairs

After you use the chalk to mark the new fabric, cut it out using the scissors and you should have the right size and shape. Then wrap the new fabric around the cushions and other pieces and staple it on using the staple gun.

Smooth out the edges using the other items and then put everything back in its proper place like it was before you took it apart but with the new fabric properly attached. Make sure to follow the instructions for each piece of the chair so that you get a uniform look on the entire chair.

When you do this on your own not only can you take pride in what you have created but you will have saved some money as well. So follow these directions and enjoy using your like new piece of furniture and take pride knowing you did it yourself.

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reupholstery chairs diyreupholstered chairsbefore and after reupholstered chairs
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