best privacy hedge

best privacy hedge for shade

best privacy hedge for shade

Spring planting season is just about here. If you would like to give your yard some more privacy from street noise, prying eyes or a less than desirable view, consider some of these ideas.

There are some fast growing shrubs that will give you not only privacy but a beautiful backdrop as well. Fast growing is relative though. It will be 3-6 years before you’ll get any real privacy depending on the size of the bush when you plant it.

Species of bushes that are native to your area and soil will grow the best. If you prepare the soil with compost and the right mix of fertilizer, you will be rewarded with healthy, quick growers.

Purchasing them to deliver through the mail saves lots of money but they are generally no more than 6-10″ tall. This may be the only way you can afford to cover a large expanse.

Some of the faster growing varieties are lilac, honeysuckle and barberry. If you plant them in a line, use a string or rope to help guide you and keep them even. They should be planted a bit closer together than the instructions on the tag tell you when you want them for privacy purposes.

A privacy hedge can also function as a living fence if planted dense enough. If you want privacy year round, those privacy hedges should be of an evergreen variety like cypress or arborvitae.

There are also some grasses that will grow to full height in one season. Most of these can even be planted in containers so you can easily move them around for a kind of portable privacy.

If you need to block an overhead view, try a smaller ornamental tree that has a spreading canopy. Mimosa or dogwood can accomplish this.

Try a pergola and cover it with a wisteria vine and you’ll also have created yourself an outdoor room.

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