Remarkable Curtains Behind Bed Ideas

curtains behind bed no headboard

curtains behind bed no headboard

Step into your bedroom and start feeling its essence. Inflame your senses and go bare handed over the furniture, over the walls, over every object that is important for you. Mark each object which does not make you feel comfortable and get ready to change it, to feel satin, velvet or cashmere, embroideries with wood, pearls and light. Curtains and smooth or glossy materials have the power to change your mood.

Not just your windows need to be faded with long, smooth curtains but your intimacy also. If there is plenty of space in your bedroom, start fixing draperies on the edge of the ceiling and cover each wall with a different type of curtain. Alternate fluid textures with heavy ones, as veil and velvet. Then, fix several lamps and sources of light behind them. In the evenings, your room be covered by a pale colored light that will flourish the place.

If you are more eccentric, you could even play with the design and with the shape of the walls. Using curtains of different sizes and shapes on the same wall will create the impression of puzzles and will give volume and bas-relief where was just a piece of boring wall. Place all your furniture in front of the curtains that cover your room, so the folds will burst on their edge, integrating every object into an elegant form. The difference is the same as when you place jewelry into a personalized, elegant box, instead of packing it in a simple envelope. Your furniture needs frames, not just a place to be stored.

Alternate the lights behind curtains and you’ll reach the idea of an immense, fluid space that covers you with a large range of sensations. It will be like an everlasting morning, when the sun passes through an embroidery of clouds. Keep in mind that you do not need only a window, but every wall could pass through a metamorphosis and become one.

Curtains could embrace an ordinary bed, making it a charming baldachin or just frame it from behind, as it would be a scene from an old theater. They add value by framing every object you want to dignify. Buy some curtains and let you rise behind them, as if you were not just in a bedroom, but in a royal palace.

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