Cozy Corner Plants Ideas to Decorate Your Interior

corner plants

corner plants

A lot has been said about the air filtering properties of interior plants. Even NASA has found greenery to be a felicitous way of purifying the air from common toxins. But plants do more than simply cleanse the air. As a byproduct of photosynthesis, the process they use to feed, the leaves release oxygen.

It is no coincidence that one of the first advices we get, when we experience stress is to breathe. Breathe deeply. It is also the natural reaction of our bodies to increased levels of adrenalin. The reason for this is quite simple. The more breaths we take, the more oxygen comes in our bodies. And more oxygen equals a clearer, sharper mind.

Then there is the color itself. Green stands for nature, for the thick shadows of the woods and cheerful birdsongs. Just like red screams to be alert, green whispers to relax. Just like anger and frustration make us feel like our bodies are running hot, green helps us cool down and make calm decisions.

With the business world getting more intense and downright stressful every day, companies find their employees struggling with phenomena like burn out and depression. A smart approach to office plants and exterior landscaping can play a huge role in keeping the staff in a good mood, thus ensuring a smoother workflow and better relationships within the team.

Typical signs of burn out are isolation, losing the sense of purpose and feeling like ones efforts are pointless. These are all problems that can be overcome with a boost in the right direction. The simplest step is adding a few plants to the offices and common areas, as well as a garden or at least a small meadow if the premises of the business allow it. The presence of greenery will have a significant impact on the dynamics of the working space and the image of the company in the eyes of its own personnel. With time, the association workers make with the office will transform from a place of constant pressure to perform, to a place that inspires progress.

The next thing is encouraging the staff to actually participate in the cares for these plants. The key is provoking the employees to combine their efforts not only when it comes to business projects, but also to creating and maintaining a fresh, beautiful working environment. When people see how their actions make a difference in their surroundings, it increases their confidence and they tend to feel better about themselves. When that is accomplished as a part of a group, these positive emotions spreads to all its members.

Unlike many teambuilding exercises that take place over a weekend or even, taking care of a living organism is an ongoing quest. As such, the effects it has on building a better communication and cooperation spirit will not fade, as is often the case with other activities. On the contrary, the relationships within the team will only grow stronger. It is exactly this feeling of accomplishment and belonging, that can make the difference between a hard working, successful employee and an unmotivated, therefore not especially efficient one.

An easy way to bring some diversity to the idea is through replica plants. The good thing about them is that there is no need to consider the climate and many other factors that sometimes make raising an exotic plant nearly impossible. Although they are not living organisms and therefore bring none of the air purifying qualities of their originals, they are still beautiful to look at. Be it as a part of a complex flower design, or as a single decoration, they can still successfully act as a tranquil oasis for the eyes and thoughts of a tired colleague.

On a more practical note, investing in greenery and promoting an active attitude towards it, can prove to be a lot more affordable than organizing an out of town teambuilding event. Plus, its positive effects will spread even among these staff members that choose not to participate in the cares for the interior plants or the exterior landscaping activities. Having cheerful green spots around will be beneficiary and rewarding for everyone.

Bottom line is that among the many modern techniques businesses adopt to make their employees feel closer to each other and the company, simply adding a little vitality to the premises is not something to overlook. It might in fact prove to be one of the best choices available.

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corner plants
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