brown bedroom

incredible grey and brown bedroom

incredible grey and brown bedroom

As far as creating the mood to your room is concerned, again, color comes into play. It’s common knowledge that lighter colored bedroom sets create a happy, cheerful mood while darker ones create a perfect backdrop for rest and meditation. Striking a medium key between these two extremes would probably be the more common option for anyone who wants to strike that medium key in their own mood as well. Neither too dark nor too light is usually preferable. What you won’t like about lighter colored wood, though, is that you’ll probably be having to dust it very often. Light colors won’t have you missing those specks too often while darker shaded ones will probably hide the dust so you won’t have to be dusting till it builds up considerably.

You won’t believe what difference color makes. Even the size of your room will have to play a part. If your bedroom is too small, maybe opt for lighter colored wood to avoid making it look cramped. If your bedroom is spacious, you’ll definitely enjoy having that dark brown feel without making your room look like a dungeon. Dark brown bedroom furniture also tends to create a compactness to your bedroom design, so it’s always a safer color.

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