boys bedroom colours

boys bedroom colours

boys bedroom colours

A number of factors go into deciding the right furniture pieces for a boy’s bedroom. Age, height, taste and interest are the determining factors that help to understand what a boy actually wants and what he prefers for his room. Unlike girls, boys prefer tough and bold look with attitude speaking for itself. If you are confused regarding what to choose for your little boy’s room, then you need to track down his real interests and work on that to please the little minds.

Attitude speaking for Boys Bedroom

When you are thinking of revamping the look of your boy’s bedroom, then the first thing that comes to mind is the wall colour. Pink and peach are a big no as far as a boy’s preferences are concerned. Blue, grey, deep green are some of the shades that boys love. Besides, they also love many posters on their walls and these posters have to be of their favourite stars. Make sure that you do a little research on their favourite players, actors and idols. Once you know it, it becomes easy to deck up their room with the endearing posters.

Do consider many sticky decorations, like using many stickers, which will add definition to their rooms. Choose stickers of various sizes and shapes and you will love to enjoy the spark in his eyes. Besides, the chairs, study tables, cupboards, should be designed in bold and sturdy shapes that boys simply love. Make sure that the kid’s furniture accurately complements your boy’s tastes.

Opt for funky lighting and choose a puzzling combination of lighting fixtures. Boys love anything that gives them a reason to think and solve. A themed room is all that your boy can want. Think of themes like soccer or golf. Deck up his room with traces of football and other games in his room and design the furniture reminding him of his favourite sports. In that case, you can choose some suitable colours or use his favourite team’s jersey logo and use it as a designing theme. A basketball court would do fine in his room and so make sure that you use one in his room.

Mirrors can be great accessories to a boy’s room. A cartoon silhouette on the mirror will add that extra punch to a boy’s bedroom and he will love what you have done with his room. Besides, you can think of special designs for kid’s furniture that actually speak of attitude. When you think of shelves, open shelves are the best think to consider. Boys like to feel independent from their very childhood and so you must design furniture keeping that in mind, so that they can use the structures with care without fault.

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