Simple Shower Floor Ideas

shower floor ideas

shower floor ideas

Shower Floor Tiles remodeling provides a unique opportunity for you to change any room setting natural, relaxing, and special. The best thing about these panels is that installing them requires no special technical skills. The following review will show you how you can easily use these unique nature-made panels.

Quick overview

It is known for its ease of use but mostly for what it is made of – Shower Floor Tiles redecoration is made of identical beach-stones glued over supportive mesh backing that eventually creates a seamless tile. If you ever wondered about the origin of these natural stones, then most of them are imported from the exotic islands of Sumatra and Bali – Indonesia. Decoration ideas provided by this easy tiling technique are countless: Bath walls, shower bases backsplashes, kitchen backsplash, countertops, patios, pool surfaces, decks, and fireplaces.

Quick benefits and advantages

Undoubtedly most of us can find it useful and easy in order to remodel our home:

* Installation process is quick and takes only a few hours.

* Can be used for dry surfaces as well as wet surfaces such as shower flooring or as a sink backsplash.

* Provides natural and luxurious look and feel to any coated surface.

Important tips!

* Laminate the stones with a sealer prior to installation – it’ll protect it from liquids, dirt and detergents transforming it even more durable.

* In order to maintain these natural stones properly, it is recommended to apply sealants every two to three years.

* Epoxy based grouts are considered stronger than conventional grout, however take in mind that they are less forgiving to the ignorant installer.

There are probably many other great advantages provided by this effortless home improvement option simply because anyone can do it by himself quickly, at no risk, and at minimal effort.


Shower Floor Tiles installation truly enables you to fulfill your creativeness as far as it concerns your own home’s redesigning. It is recommended to go over the above tips once you decide on installing these panels.

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