high end shower curtains

high end shower curtain rods

high end shower curtain rods

Modern shower curtains make it simple to find an accessory to build a theme around. Typically, the shower curtain is initially the most noticeable thing in the bathroom; as such modern shower curtains help make the first impression a soothing and ambient experience.

Obviously, people have a specific taste in mind when they are designing the theme of their bathroom. As the kitchen is the focal point of entertaining, the bathroom is the focal point of relaxation and comfort. As such, many people are very particular with the theme their bathroom partakes. Whether you consider a tropical island relaxing, or a modern spa, there are many options and accessories available to help achieve whatever it is you want.

As many modern homes are being constructed with the master bathroom showers having shower doors, or stonewalled open showers, the need for shower curtains may seem a thing of the past. However, this is not the case, and currently modern shower curtains are a popular way to jumpstart a theme in your bathroom.

Modern Shower Curtains – Styles

Modern shower curtains consist of many different pattern and design styles. Typically exhibiting a nice neat straight lined pattern with semi neutral colors, or patterns with different unique shapes in dark and rich colors. Occasionally you will come across unique designs, some of which are very artistic and amazing. However, with these, more intricate designs, the range of themes you can go with is greatly reduced as opposed to some of the more common mainstream patterns.

Striped Patterns

These pattern specific modern shower curtains usually consist of simple straight lined designs running parallel or crossing paths. Typically seen in various browns, grays, or rich gold colors, these complement a nice neutral based theme very well, giving a certain amount of ambiance to the space. These designs are generally the easiest to incorporate into a pre-existing theme due to their relative simplicity. However, despite that fact, they certainly do not offer any deduction of styling aspects to the space. These curtains are perfect for a space that is aimed at resembling an ambient spa like atmosphere; keen on relaxation and comfort.

Shape Patterns

These designs incorporate patterns with various shapes located in different positions over the surface of the curtain. These patterns are particularly popular in Europe, as they pose a much more in-depth contemporary style with their details than the more simple straight lined patterns. If you ever make a trip to European furniture stores; you will find a lot of the accessories exhibit these designs. As such, these patterns are at the forefront of the modern style, somewhat incorporating seemingly retro elements giving it an eye-popping appeal as an addition to any space.

Easy Styling

As with many smaller accessories, modern shower curtains are overlooked when it comes to helping shift the style of your bathroom. It is truly amazing how simply adding a shower curtain can change the entire flow of the space. Whats more is that typically you can find a nicely designed curtain for under $20. However, there are many upscale designs that can top $50, typically made of higher-end material or hand crafted. Whether you wish to go this route or not is up to you. Know however, that if you do opt for higher end curtains, you will generally find products that exhibit high-end and durable fabrics, as well as very intricate and eye-popping designs; so do not feel guilty for dropping the extra money should you decide you want to kick it up a notch.

There are many choices available, so if you are ready to change the theme of your bathroom, try thinking about the smaller accessories before the large ones to see if you can accomplish a specific desired look on a smaller budget!

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